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Nexervo Consulting and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. It was established in Istanbul. It operates on import and export. It also provides consultancy services on customs and foreign trade legislation, procedures and processes.
In our factory, which we have established in the 1990s, by developing our shelf sector activities and simultaneously realizing the deficiencies and mistakes in the sector; We are proud to present our best product with minimum cost to our customers by supporting our sub-structure with developing and renewed technology with our customer satisfaction oriented works that we have structured by adopting the principle of total quality management philosophy. With our knowledge, experience and experience in our factory with 5000 m2 capacity, we produce grocery and store racks, deutering shelf systems, all kinds of special display booths and wholesale and retail sales with alternative cost and usage angle product production in our product range.
With long-term collaborations, our basic motivation is to assist differentiating and increasing the remarkability of products at the sales points in the exact time of need; with the exact quality of product and the exact style of desing which has demanded. Our experiences about stand and exhibition systems are the outcomes of our flexible and superiour manufacturing capability with 26 years until 1993. SPECIAL DESIGNS You can find special desiGN products that we manufactured according to our customer's need and requests with them in the link By using every kind of metal, aluminium, plexy, forex, different versions of plastic, wood and glass, we offer solutions that would be agreeable to our customer's need and desire. At this point our working principle is desinging basicly and dimentioning according to number of products that has planned for exhibition; the number of observable products; sizes of pieces; total weight; the characteristic features of the exhibition area and the scheme in your mind. Pricing would be assigned after the desinging process. Serial production process starts after the budget approval with manufacturing sample.
With the growing population, the retail sector has attained a major development trend and shows a similar rise in terms of investment requirements. Growing square meters, the exhibition equipment in these large areas, the product variety of carrier equipment and their ability to flawlessly manage customer traffic represent the indispensable components of these investments. For 20 years, Sigma adds value to your corporation with its 3.500 square meter production & warehousing center located in Tuzla, Istanbul. It provides rapid solutions for your necessities with its modern machinery park, its design & production team who are experts in their fields, and its sales & aftersales technical service.
Our company established in 1985 based on table and chair production with the name of Massan Metallic Furniture. Afterwards, Massan has improved itself by following technological innovations and needs of the market, extended the product range according to offers and demands of the market. Especially producing the metal cases, racks and dollies which are needed for the production and logistic phases of automotive sector. Shortly, Massan has proved itself on field of industrial transportation vehicles. As necessity of its own area of expertise, Massan Metallic Furniture has merged the approach of visual quality with product quality. By this means, Massan has produced ergonomically and visually appreciated products on the field of industrial transportation vehicles. In this manner, Massan has proved itself by producing many metal products right along with table and chair production and surpassed its own purpose of establishment. During its 30th year of establishment, Massan continues to its way with experienced and specialized staff, a compromising on quality, productive and broad visioned mentality. Massan?s target customers are the leaders of their own field, also with same vision and keep the quality on front. Our company follows the improving technological trends, researches newest and best ways for perfect production. We proudly serve by merging this approach of ours and the customer pleasure.
SOMCELIK, entered to the equipment sector in 1968, as an individual business and Kayseri dealer of a company that produces steel bolted storage shelving, and with starting to manufacturing in 1978 switched from dealers to manufacturer. Our company engaged in the production of steel bolted storage shelf from 1978, with the development of the retail sector in the early 1990s, our production segment shifted to market and shop equipment segment. We moved our existing facility to Organized Industrial Zone in 1990s to a production plant of 5000 square meters where it was 500 square meters in the years Production begins. Somcelik started new investments at the end of 2006, finished new production facilities start-up operations in Organized Industrial Zone to 20,000 m2 covered area of 23,000 square meters carried out at the end of August, 2011. With his new facility, will continue to operate using the latest technology in galvanizing and nickel plating, electrostatic powder coating plant, metal and wood production line and additional machines, the existing plant will be used in metal and wood product manufacturing.
As Pasifik we manufacture and supply market equipments, shelves, market shelves, metal shelves, industrial shelves, storage shelves, storage shelving systems, shopping carts, checkouts, boutique shelves, supermarket shelves, grocery store shelves, hypermarket shelves, diy market shelves, warehouse shelves, pharmacy shelves, electronic market shelves, counter desks, light racks, rack systems, racking systems, shelf systems, shelving systems, heavy racks, trolleys, baskets, market equipment, shelf, market shelf, metal shelf, industrial shelf, storage shelf, storage shelving system, shopping cart, checkout, boutique shelf, supermarket shelf, grocery store shelf, hypermarket shelf, diy market shelf, warehouse shelf, pharmacy shelf, electronic market shelf, counter desk, light rack, rack system, racking system, shelf system, shelving system, heavy rack... As Pasifik Raf TeShir Elemanlari Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. we carry on business regarding production of the Market Equipments with using latest tecnology that Industry needs with a 10.000 sqm total closed area, in Istanbul Tuzla & Sancaktepe, 2.500 sqm of this production is located in Sancaktepe as a showroom and marketing. Mostly addressing leaders of the retail and fuel sta- tion markets, Pasifik Raf’s innovative offers is ' as flex- ible as your ideas’. Ve produce as standard Market Shelves, Metal Sehelves, Industrial and Stor- age Shelving Systems, Shopping Carts, Information Desks, Checkouts, Presentation Stands, but we also provide boutique, personalized solutions that fulfill the customer’s needs. From hypermarket to DIY markets, from supermarket to grocery store, from plants to storage warehouse, from shop to phar- macy, and electronik markets, we are by your side and provide solutions for all your sales, production and logistics locations. Pasifik Raf also exports its success internationallly, and about %30 of our production is for export mar- kets. Pasifik Raf exports mainly to but also to important countries in Europe and Middle East, as Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Roma- nia, Algeria... In order to provide innovative solutions that ease your life and makes your spaces different, Pasifik Raf gives im- portance to Research & Development activities, and all our designs are certified with ISO 9001 and CE docu- ments.
Our judicious companies are putting in their efforts into reality to stay on their word ,promises and to keep their reputation always good, and our mission is to make our partners feel happy and our customers happier, our tasks is helping you make your dreams come true by keep successing and make the world proud of us. MARTEK and LF are the best and always will be.